Coal River Working Party


The Party aims to protect Newcastle’s culturally important landmarks in the Coal River Precinct that were only recently placed on the NSW Heritage Register. The overall vision is to create an Interpretive Centre and Heritage Park to express Newcastle’s unique Aboriginal, convict and industrial heritage and a management plan for the entire site. We also seek to inspire a renaissance in new and symbiotic approaches to energy and cultural innovation for the Regional, National and Global community.

Contact Details

Chair Gionni Di Gravio
University Archivist Cultural Collections
Phone 02 4921 5819

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  1. Acknowledge and promote the identified Nobbys Coal River Precinct.
  2. Support the listing of the Precinct on the NSW Heritage Register.
  3. Research, Investigate and Conserve the heritage fabric of the Precinct.
  4. Create a Heritage Conservation Master Plan as an instrument to identify, promote, conserve and coordinate the Nobbys Coal River Precinct.
  5. Celebrate the founding of the permanent settlement of Newcastle 30th March 1804.
  6. Request State Government to vote $500,000 to identify convict coal workings and prepare Nobbys Coal River Heritage Master Plan to coordinate activities in the area.


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